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LVDTs/Draw Wire/Linear Encoders
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Laser Sensors
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Temperature Sensors
EDDY/Capa Sensors
Utilizing Triangulation, Confocal, Time of Flight, and Thru Beam technologies, Micro Epsilon Laser sensors are the non-contact solution for short and long range measurements and profiles.
NEW: Blue laser triangulation sensor! Engineered for red hot metal, or organic substances.
For contact measuring, LVDTs and DrawWire (StringPot) sensors are an inexpensive solution. With many form factores and ranges, these sensors can measure up to your needs.
For short ranges in harsh conditions, Eddy Current and Capacitive non-contact sensor systems are uniquely suited to provide the accuracy you depend on.
Optris and MiniSight give you non-contact temperature readings for your various industrial processes. The PI Thermal camera uses infrared imaging to produce a map of varying temperature readings. Whatever your thermal data needs, ME can supply the sensor you require.
Thermal Imager Video
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Pipe Diameter Video