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Vision Systems and Inspection by Soft Automation
PTR - For Cutting Edge Machine Vision Technology
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Soft Automation Brochure
Automation Manager Machine Vision and Automation Software Web Page and Case Studies
Janus* Vision System
*Master of passages, transitions, and time!
High performance vision with ease of use
Extreme performance for demanding apps
Most Versatile Solution Anywhere
Can Employ any Sensor, Area scanner, or 3D Technology
If a Sensor can capture it, Janus can measure it !!
Any Camera, Any Technology Technology
Inspection Tools Color Tools Measurement Tools
Control Tools Data base tools
File management tools Communication Tools
Most Comprehensive Tool Sets
Applications include, but are not limited to: Inspection of parts, Measurement of parts, Thread inspection, Thermal Bead inspection
Visual Leak testing, Surface inspection, Web thickness, Scan and CAD compare, Gauging to Relational DB, Color inspection
Our System can be scaled and employed to run on multiple platforms (OS independent and Hardware Flexible) The system uses only system resources (screen, memory, mouse, hard drive) which allows for Extreme Speeds, Versatility, and Exceptional Performance.
Windows, MAC, IOS, Linux, Android, I-phone, Raspberry PI, Etc